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Soil Amendment Products

Healthier Environment - With the ever growing need to find and utilize cost effective methods to treat soil, molasses can offer over all health for the plants, soil and our environment. Proving that we can leave a green footprint on the environment and save costs too.

Conventional and Organic molasses products stimulate microbe activity in diverse soil applications leading to a healthier vine & growth of the plant. Foliar feeding meets nutrient needs and aids as a pest deterrent. Hydroponics and drip irrigation systems prove beneficial also.

Feeding Microbes with liquid molasses helps to promote a healthy and rich soil. By feeding the microbes, they in turn help with feeding the roots of the plant which helps with productivity and growth. Molasses also helps with the breakdown of organic matter such as remaining stalks and thatch.

 • Industrial Hemp/Cannabis Growers                 • Waste Treatment Facilities

Fertilizer Companies                               • Bio Technology & Bio Agriculture Companies       

Agricultural Spray Providers                  • Fruit and Vegetable Producers     


 How does it work? 

Molasses is a carbohydrate (sugars) food source for the microbes in the soil and it is also loaded with macro- and micro-nutrients. The molasses  carbohydrates feed and stimulate the soils biology in a healthy way. The micro organisms are the reason for the conversion and transfer of nutrients, working symbiotically with the plant to uptake nutrients through the root system. Because the molasses carbohydrates and nutrients are derived from organic matter, they are more readily available for the microbes to use and get energy.

This process of converting the tied up nutrients which are in the soil, can help with the efficiency of fertilizers and can allow for lower application needs of fertilizer. By feeding the microbes, nutrient uptake can be increased and that helps plants with production.

Molasses also helps with organic matter to break down quicker and dissolve more efficiently. Stover (such as left over corn stalks) benefit from the assistance of molasses with the digestion of the debris in the process.  This helps with maintaining soil quality and erosion controls.

We offer many choices of concentrated molasses blends to meet your needs. From enhancing your soil quality before the start of crop season to foliar feeding along with your spray program and even assistance with corn stalk and thatch breakdown, there really is no limit to the benefits of using molasses with your spray program. 

                                                                              Lagoon Application

            Molasses activates the biology in the waste by supplying a natural energy packed food source.

  • This activation causes a flurry of digestion to occur and assists in the breakdown of solid materials.
  • Digested solids add more space to the lagoon decreasing the need to pump as often, saving time, labor & machine costs and wear and tear on equipment.
  • Aids in odor control.
  • Once spread onto the field it adds value to the soil biology.

“The sulfur in hydrogen sulfide becomes a food for the microbes and is also a main component of proteins.”

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