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Molasses for Rum Distilleries

Buffalo Molasses is proud to offer certified Non-GMO black strap sugar cane molasses which is grown in the USA. High sugar levels enhance the sweet flavor for a consistent and smooth rum, barrel after barrel. Our molasses is unsulphured and is filtered through an advanced ultra-screen system to remove any impurities and alleviate any handling issues. 

  • From field to distillery we are dedicated to product transparency, quality and integrity.
  • Sold in 55g poly drums, 275g caged poly totes and in bulk.
  • We ship daily throughout the US and Canada.

Benefits of Molasses for Rum Distilling:

  • Rich, Dark Color
  • Ultra-screened
  • 100% traceable
  • Higher sugar levels - Min 46- 50%
  • 79.5% Brix
  • Certified Non-GMO and Organic available
  • 73% Solids
  • Low Ash Levels

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