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Feed Manufacturer Products

                                Premium... for bulk feeds

       Available in a wide variety of dry matters, sugar and nutrient levels we offer our Premium Blends. Our most economical of the Premium blends we carry, it offers a high energy source, abundant vitamins and minerals while enhancing feed with a rich dark color and sweet aroma customers are looking for. Naturally occurring Biotin aids in foot health reducing the need for additional supplementation.

                           Premium Gold... for textured feeds


Exclusive only to Buffalo Molasses and our most popular product, Premium Gold Blends were designed specifically with textured feeds in mind. Providing a golden and glossy feed appearance, feeds look and stay fresh longer, bag after bag. Premium Gold Blends improve digestibility and controls dust in manufacturing processes. Along with promoting easier handling with predictable performance, it is formulated to decrease viscosity, providing easier clean-up of manufacturing equipment.

Premium Gold Blends contain a proven mold inhibitor to offer optimum feed protection against fluctuating weather conditions and the addition of flavorings designed specifically with sweet aromas, both adding value by prolonging shelf life to your finished bag feeds. 

         Premium Plus / Premium Gold Plus...for bulk/textured feeds 

Enhanced with quality vegetable oil, our Premium Gold Plus Blends are for those customers looking for the nutritional and handling benefits that oil brings into the mix. With our extensive blending capability we can guarantee a product that is consistent throughout the feed manufacturing process, limiting any settling out while providing optimal feed coverage.

Call today to find out how we can assist you in perfecting your finished feed needs. 

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