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Buffalo Molasses offers domestic sugar cane molasses from Florida and Imported certified organic molasses in our customized molasses blends for beef and dairy operations.

By using sugar cane molasses as the base for our liquid feed blends, Buffalo Molasses can ensure quality and consistency in the demanding rations of today's modern dairy and beef farming operations.


Benefits of Sugar Cane Molasses for Cattle:

Sugar cane molasses has been proven to increase NDF digestion, (Journal of Animal Science, Vol 77, pg. 2793-2802, Oct. 1999, Kansas State Univ.) while providing rumen bugs a readily available source of sugar in the form of sucrose, fructose, and glucose with sucrose being the main source. This in turn provides the opportunity for the rumen bugs to use more soluble protein (NPN) in the diet, converting it to rumen bacteria protein, thus increasing rumen efficiency and improved return on investment in the feed ration.

Other benefits to feeding sugar cane molasses include a decrease in sorting within the total mixed ration, (TMR), which contributes to a reduction in rumen acidosis. Rumen acidosis occurs when cattle eat fine grains first, those grains that tend to drop out of a mixed ration to the bottom of a TMR, which lowers the rumen pH, making healthy fiber digesting rumen bacteria dormant until the pH rises again after the grains have been digested and passed through the rumen. This dormant time for fiber digesting bacteria is when the rumen can become inefficient and unhealthy; resulting in loss production, wasting valuable feed nutrients, foot problems such as laminitis, and generally overall unhealthy cattle.

By feeding sugar cane molasses, you can maintain a higher rumen pH, keeping fiber digestion bacteria active, thus reducing the amount of energy supplied by grain. Maintaining production in dairy cattle can lead to increased butter fat, milk protein levels and also to better weaning weights and rate gains for nursing beef calves.

  • Nutritionally, cane molasses is a very good energy feed and provides a natural source of Biotin, along with calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and B vitamins.
  • These nutrients all have value and are value added when cane molasses is fed to cattle.
  • Because cane molasses is in a liquid form, it can be added to the ration without taking up valuable limited rumen space to provide a more nutrient dense TMR.


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