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Bronze Lick Tank Supplements

 Bronze 32% Lick Tank Supplement

A completely fortified molasses based lick tank supplement for free choice feeding in lick tanks or for top dressing dairy and beef rations and hay.

Based on NRC 2001 recommendation for cattle in the last trimester of pregnancy, Bronze 32% Supplement has a unique combination of soluble protein, readily available sugars and fortified vitamins and minerals which offers cattle proper nutrient requirements at a 1 lb/day consumption rate.

For beef and dairy cattle in pasture or non TMR operations, offering Bronze 32% Supplement in free choice lick tanks or top dress applications is an efficient and labor saving method to deliver a balanced nutritional supplement to the herd. The formulation of Bronze 32% Supplement has the ability to limit intake in free choice lick tanks by satisfying cattle's sodium needs, (the only mineral a ruminant such as cattle, seek out to satisfy their requirement), making it an economical alternative to dry mineral and grain supplements.  When pastures are depleted during the season and  supplemental forages are supplied, such as hay, Bronze 32% Supplement is a nice compliment.

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