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Certified Organic Molasses
Buffalo Molasses LLC offers feed-grade Certified Organic Molasses to Organic Feed Manufacturers/Producers. We have been proudly Certified Organic through the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) since 2006. All of our certified organic molasses is handled in accordance with applicable USDA National Organic Program standards and statutes.

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Agricultural Molasses
Lawn & turf molasses
Our Product Line
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Feed manufacturers' utilize standard brix cane molasses to enhance the performance of their products. Molasses improves palatability, digestability and helps control dust in manufacturing practices. Moist appearance, sheen and texture are added benefits of molasses.

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Buffalo Molasses also provides top quality molasses products for topsoil ammendment applications. Molasses increases the microbial activity in your soil to help reduce thatch layer.

With the increased microbial activity, the topsoil becomes humus rich for good plant growth and strength. Molasses is the best sugar for horticulture use because of its trace mineral elements.

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Suga-Lik® liquid feed
BUFFALO MOLASSES LLC, uses pure sugar cane molasses, an important by-product of sugar cane processing and is a distributor of SUGA-LIK brand liquid feed supplements. Pure sugar cane molasses is an excellent source of readily available carbohydrates (sugars), which is the basis of it’s feed value, combined with the properly balanced protein, vitamins, and minerals to make SUGA-LIK a high quality liquid supplement adaptable to many feeding strategies.

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